Equipment Transport


It was a great gig and now you want to celebrate, but first you have to pack all of your equipment back into your car – someone in the band will have to stick to the waters so they can drive. It's a busy night in town, there are no nearby parks and someone else is in the loading zone. It takes the edge off the party. But now there’s an answer:

We will collect all of your equipment and transport it to our secure premises, which is 5 minutes from the city in Thebarton. Don't risk the thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the back of your car.  We don’t mind how many guitars, amps, speakers, PA systems and other band or gig equipment needs moving – we’re happy to help get everything moved safely from the venue back to our lockup. All you need to do is collect your gear at your own convenience. We pick up your gear, pack it carefully and let you celebrate!

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