Rehearsal Rooms

We are predominantly a recording studio, but we also have 3 rehearsal rooms available for hire in the big black shed at the front of our yard. To make a booking scroll to the bottom of this page.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 4.52.14 pm.png

Room Dimensions
Room 1 : 3.5 M x 3.5 M
Room 2 : 3.5 x 5 M
Room 3: 3.5 x 5 M

Equipment & Features
All of our Rehearsal Rooms include the following;
- Pearl Drum Kit with stool and hardware (BYO Snare and Cymbals)
- PA System with fold back wedges
- Guitar Racks for when you aren’t playing
- 2 Microphones with Stands
- 2 XLR Cables
- Good Air Conditioning
- A Kitchen Area with a Fridge, Microwave and a Kettle
- Sound Baffles with Acoustic Treatment
- Large Car Park
- Sliding Garage Door for easy access
- Chill out Area
- 2 x Vending Machines
- Free WiFi

Prices for Room 1
for a 6 Hour Session

Prices For Room 2&3
for a 6 Hour Session

How It Works
The rehearsal rooms are located within the same industrial complex as the studio and can be accessed through Unit 4 in the front car park. The rooms are in a big black shed that you will see from the road. The rooms use a coded entry system, allowing for users to come and go as they please. You will receive an email telling you how to turn off the monitored alarm system and the codes needed to open your specific room once a booking has been made. Rooms are available from 12pm – 12am every day of the week. Rehearsals outside of these hours can be organised if required, as well as longer bookings if you want to do some DIY recording. Teachers are also welcome to use the spaces if they want to run lessons from the premises.

There is a sliding garage door that can be used to load gear in and out of the rooms through. Feel free to use the trolley and a sack truck onsite to move your gear inside and out. We also have some baffles in the hallway that can be used for DIY recordings to create better separation between instruments.

All cancelations strictly will not be refunded within 48 hours of your booked rehearsal slot,
so please make sure that everyone is definitely available before making a booking. We are a busy little place and can’t afford to have late cancellations (because we could have easily fitted someone else in). Payment must be made to secure a spot. Once a payment has been made you will receive an email with information regarding access. To make a booking, please use the Acuity Scheduling window below.