Studio 2


Voice Over and Post Production

Studio 2 has been designed to cater for the audio needs of post production and local businesses, by providing high quality voice overs and audio production for radio, tv, film and online advertising. We also have a highly experienced team of engineers who can help guide you through the process and deliver your next project within budget and at the highest quality possible. Contact us to make a booking.


Musicians and Sound Engineers

Studio 2 is also available for musicians and sound engineers who usually work from home, but need a high quality sound booth to use. The booth was professionally designed/ built at Channel 9 and lived in Wombat Studios before being moved to Wundenberg’s Recording Studios. Studio 2 is located above Studio 1, meaning when you arrive one of our engineers will let you in and help get your session up and running. The booth in Studio 2 has been setup so you can use our computer or you can bring your own recording setup and patch into the booth when engineering your own session.


Studio 2

Studio 2 is a cosy and comfortable place to help inspire performances and creativity. BYO Engineer sessions can be made through our online booking system below. If you are looking to use our voice over services, please contact us through the form below. Generally we have sessions run from 10am - 8pm, but we are happy for sessions to start earlier or later (contact us to discuss).


Included Equipment

Monitors: Sonodyne SM100AK
Computer: Mac Mini
Interface: Avid Mbox Pro
Included Microphone: Studio Projects C1 (See our Gear List for available Microphones for hire).

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please use the forms below.

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